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Road Warrior Electric Bike
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Road Warrior Electric Fat Bike

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Fat Tire Electric Bike - Turn Heads & Blaze The Open Road!

The Road Warrior is made for any type of terrain...pavement, dirt, mud, sand & even snow!

The powerful 48V 750W geared motor provides all the power you need to tackle any obstacle & it has a torque sensing actuator, which is a MUST for fat tire bikes.  

9 Levels of Pedal Assist!

Half Twist Throttle - Offer Full Power On Demand!

Torque Sensing Actuator:

Most pedal assist ebikes use a cheap cadence sensor that relies on the pedaling motion to activate. This results in a choppy feeling ride and inefficient power usage.

We use a high tech torque sensor, which senses the amount of torque that you apply to the pedals. The harder you pedal, the more power is provided by the motor. This results in a smooth, natural feeling ride.

Why is this important?

A fat tire bike is designed to be used in difficult terrain, such as mud, snow, sand, etc. So, If you need to power through something like snow or mud without a torque sensor, you'll have to rely on the throttle every time you need extra power.

The Torque Sensor also saves battery power & increases the range capacity of the bike. Because of the smooth, efficient ride it provides, the motor does not constantly cut in and out. This allows the battery to save it's power and give you longer range.

 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The speed and extra weight of a ebike requires powerful braking in order to be safe. Equipped with top of the line Tektro Augira Hydraulic Disc Brakes. These awesome brakes will stop on a dime! Which is especially important when carrying heavy loads. The rear rack allows you to carry up to 55lbs...so you may really need that extra stopping power!


Not All Electric Fat Bikes Are Created Equal!

The Road Warrior is the BEST fat tire electric bike for the money - Click Here To Compare

Tech Specs:

48V 750 Watt geared Bafang motor -rear hub

14ah Samsung Battery

Fast charging - 4.5 hrs 0% - 100%

Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes

Shimano Acera 7 spd derailleur

Torque sensing actuator

Half twist throttle (with power on/off button) 

9 Levels of pedal assist!

Integrated headlight & tail light

Kenda Juggernaut 26" x 4" tires

Quick release front tire

Rear rack - included

Front & rear fenders - optional